Monday, January 30, 2012

Bracelets that we are selling

this is a bracelet that we have been selling locally and now that people  on facebook have seen them they want to buy them too so we are thinking of having an "add to cart" on here for people that are not local can order them too if this is something that u think would be a good idea plz comment

Friday, January 27, 2012

Latest Report from WCAX

Cause of Death undetermined BS!!!!!!!!!

Well Kaylynne now that it is public that the manner of ur death is undetermined but the Contributing conditions are Myocarditis of unknown etiology days following seasonal vaccination with concurrent Parainfluenza type I infection I am going to fight for the truth for u and I wont stop untill we get justice for u I love you baby girl u did not deserve this. We love you with all our heart and soul and we will keep your memory alive

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raffle prizes and tickets now on sale

Raffle tickets now on sale for the benefit raffle prizes are:
Raffle Prizes for Kaylynne Matten Benefit Raffle

3 drawings for 2 free subs from subway

2 meal deals at Wendy's in newport

$20 gift certificate at Farrant's flower shop Newport

3 drawings for 2 movie passes at Waterfront Cinemas

1yr subscription to Vermont's Northland Journal

$75 gift card at Vermont Pie and Pasta in Derby

3 drawings for 1lg 1 topping pizza at Hoagies

2 drawings for $25 gift certificates at Hoagies

$25 gift certificate at Lucier's store Newport center

1 Maple Gift Basket from Therrien's sugar house

Gift certificate for a free tax preparation at Becky's book keeping

$25 gift certificate at Currier's Market in Glover Vermont

$50 gift certificate at Parker Pie in West Glover

$50 gift certificate to Butler Family Auto in Barton Vermont

Gift certificate for 1 lg peperoni pizza at Lanoue's General Store Orleans

$15 gift certificate at Mr O's sporting goods Newport

10 free tans at Bella Capelli in newport

$50 gift certificate to Modern furniture in Newport

gift certificate for a month of Zumba in Orleans

Half Gallon of maple syurp at maple wood farms by Gary and Gail Lyman

1 case of water

$10 Gift Certificate for Mings house in Barton

$25 gift certificate at Bond's auto parts

$25 gift certificate to Thibaults Market in Orleans

$25 gift certificate to washburn Tattoo in Newport

2 drawings for $10 gift certificate at step back cafe in Barton

$25 gift certificate at C&C in Barton

1 runner from Long Meadow Farm Quilts

1 snow tube from Great Outdoors in Newport

1 fox Racing tote bag from Great Outdoors in Newport

1 Patriots Hat from Great Outdoors in Newport

1 gift Basket from Gift Wrecked in newport

1 2pc Roaster Set from Pick & Shovel in Newport

1 egg express from Pick & Shovel in Newport

1 1 1/2 quart crock pot from Pick & Shovel in newport

3 drawings for 1 2lb block of cheese from Derby Village Store Derby

And More

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Benefit Dance for Kaylynne

There will be a benefit dance in Kaylynne's honor and memory. For more info click HERE

The dance funds will be going to help the family pay for doctor bills and funeral and burial costs.

If you can not attend but would still like to donate please use the Chip-In widget below to donate via Paypal using your credit card. You do NOT have to have Paypal account to donate.Every thing is done safely and securely through Paypal. I have set this up so the donations go directly to the families Paypal no middle man.Please make sure the email address defaulted is If it is not DO NOT use it.

Seven Days Article on Kaylynne

Below is a link to article about Kaylynne on the Seven days website.

Article link

A Tribute Video for Kaylynne